What does a Coordinator Do?

If you are a couple that wants to plan on your own, but you don’t want to be running around on your wedding day, then having a Wedding Coordinator is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  It’s an opportunity for you, your family, and your friends to relax and fully enjoy the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

Others call it “Day-Of”, some call it “Month-Of”, but we just call it Wedding Coordination because your wedding day is important to us. 

This process begins about 3 months leading up to your big day as we work together to go over vendor contracts, create a timeline, and begin to fine tune all details needed to make your wedding day a smooth one.

On the day of your wedding , we ensure your plans are carried out smoothly and discretely, and we are there to handle any problems that may arise. We act as the liaison with the venue, vendors, hosts and guests in a process that starts in the last few months and weeks leading up to your event.

 Unlike a planner, a coordinator won’t be involved in the earlier planning phases, selection of vendors, or keeping track of your budget.

We will confirm vendor contracts and create a day-of timeline, as well as make sure things like payments and guest counts are in order. Coordinators make sure everything you’ve done up until they come on board is in good shape. We will help you to tweak any details, follow-up on loose ends, ensure everything is in order, on-schedule, and on-time and make sure nothing is forgotten so that you’re free to enjoy your wedding day.

But, beyond on that, we will remind the groom about sweet traditions, talk your mom out of her worries, keep the groomsmen on their best behavior, and ask you how you’re really doing. We’ll be in your corner cheering you on, giving you reminders and an unbiased opinion when you need one. 


Coordination Service List

Services included in this price for the Coordination Package include, but are not limited to:

– Review all vendor contracts to ensure they are abiding by terms and to ensure that meal provisions, parking allotments, etc. are taken care of

– Be the point of contact for all vendors on the day of to ensure that everything is as promised, on-time, etc.

– Distribute any final payments & gratuities to vendors

– Make sure ceremony space is set-up and ready to go

– Set-Up Programs, Seating Cards, Menus, Favors, Personal Décor Items

– Manage Ceremony

– Line up the bridal party, cueing couples when to walk down the aisle, etc.

– Keep bridal party and family running on time according to timeline

– Assist the bride and bridal party at the hotel in getting ready and running miscellaneous errands as necessary and as time allows.

– Coordinate with the venue to ensure that all small details stated in the contract are taken care of properly.

– Be present and coordinate vendor deliveries (florist, cake, signage, chairs, food, etc.)

– Coordinate with caterer to manage details of food service

– Ensure conversion from ceremony to reception goes according to schedule

– Coordinate with DJ for entrances in to reception

– Pin on boutonnieres for groom, groomsmen, ushers, etc.

– Breakdown any and all remaining personal items at reception and box up all items at end of night

– Keep all card and gifts safe during reception

– Use judgment to determine non-performance by any vendors

– Come prepared with a bridal emergency kit, and other extras like lighters for candles, things to keep ring bearers and flower girls entertained, etc.