So many people complain about Valentine’s Day. And, while I’m not a hater of the holiday, (as I’ll take any excuse for a date night with my hubby) I’m really feeling the importance of the unofficial holiday, Galentine’s Day, made popular by Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. I mean, I have never actually even watched this NBC show staring Amy Poehler (gasp!), but since 2010, this idea of “Galentine’s Day” has been gaining steam! And I like it!

Often caught up with work and our four kids, my husband and I definitely have found that we don’t often prioritize socializing with “friends.” And to be totally honest, work and family has been such a priority that sometimes my GNO don’t happen as often as they should. I’m just too tired to put on some make-up and heals and leave my house after 6pm. Can I get an “Amen”?

So what is Galentine’s Day? According to Knope, “It’s a day to leave husbands and boyfriends at home. A day when ladies come together and just kick it, breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” Sounds perfect to me! Can someone sign me up? Who else is in?

Over the last two years, surrounding myself with other women who motivate, inspire, and make me laugh has made all the difference in my life. It’s great to have a place where you are loved as you are, and to get time to be with people, who although are different than you, bring out the best in you

If you’d like to try and throw a mini Galentine’s Soiree with your gal pals, here’s a quick “how to” just for you!

  1. Invitations –Being a hostess with the mostess doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank on invitations or take the time to have something printed and mailed. If you’re finding yourself too busy to go the traditional route, you can always simplify this process with a simple e-vitation! Thanks to websites like Paperless Post and Punchbowl, you can send a simple text or email with a virtual invite!
  2.  Décor–Thanks to Amazon, Target, Party City and Etsy, you could easily pull together a mini-soiree and wow the ladies in your life. Why not surprise them with a thoughtfully decorated space to show you care! Heck, hit up your local dollar store and you’ll see that the sky is the limiting when decorating your mantel, or dining room!
  3.  Food– Whether it’s mimosas and brunch, cocktails and charcuterie boards, a sweet dessert spread, or even salads and sparkling water, nothing brings people together quite like sitting around the table and sharing a meal. You can be as elaborate or as low key as you’d like! So pick something that suites your girl squad’s tastes and go for it.
  4. Gifts – Who doesn’t like gifts? But instead of making this a chore, maybe do something like a “favorite things exchange”.  Set a maximum spending cap anywhere from $5-$15 and then everyone buys the same thing for everyone in the group. It’s a great way to trade your favorite go to brands, guilty pleasures, and secrets! Need some ideas? What about something as easy as your favorite Sephora sheet mask, an adorable little succulent for any boss babe’s desk, or an adorable coffee mug from Target  (what I got my favorite gal pal!).
  5. Activity- While a get-a-way would be nice, it’s not always a reality for some of us. So, while some might enjoy a Girls Night In, if you’re tribe would rather do a Girls Night Out, what about a few hours volunteering together? Showing the love to others in need might be a great change of pace for the month of February. Or, if you are looking to do something else a little different, maybe some kind of BYOB crafting or cooking event would be the perfect way to spend time together while trying something new.

While, February 13th was Leslie Knope’s day of choice, consider having a Galentine’s celebration any day during the month of February! Maybe make it an annual thing. A time when you commit to coming together for really no reason at all, besides celebrating the love and importance of your gal pals! Because let’s face it, we all need other women in our lives who get us, the way our husbands or boyfriends sometimes can’t.